My name is Christian and I'm a Birthday-aholic

Did you ever have that one friend in college, who was utterly and completely crazy? You know, the one who went all out for everything? I did, her name was Lauren and she's still one of my dearest friends.

Lauren was the one who you'd study with at I-Hop until about 1 a.m. before calling it a night and when she met you all fresh and chipper the next morning for the exam you'd ask how much longer she'd stayed awake studying and she'd say, "Girl! I just came straight here from I-Hop! I've been there all night! Sherry who works the 4 am shift hooked me up with some free breakfast - I'm good to go!"

And when you and your girl gang decided to wrap your current frat boy boyfriend's (turned hubby) house, Lauren was one the one who suggested also shoe polishing the cars and forking the yards oh and "lets also get some maxi pads and put ketchup on them and throw them at the front door!" Ewwww. We had to reign her in sometimes, that Lauren. She was nuts. In the best possible way! But, nuts.

I have officially crossed over into Lauren territory with the following carousel for Harper's Party. I need help y'all. 

The back of the book reads: "Hours of fun for the whole family!" Yikes.

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