Happy Groundhog Day!

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Hello, dears! Here's hoping you find more sunshine then grey today. Some inspiration for a little winter cheer...

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How darling is this little felt garland -- it would be so simple to make, too... 

Image via etsy

 Fun for a party or in the kid's rooms.

Image via A Lady's Findings

I'm always crushing on mercury glass. Old or new, love, love, LOVE.

Image via Barry Dixon

This room is sophisticated without taking itself too seriously.

Image via Design Sponge

  Just when I think I'm more of a traditional entry type gal, this modern door comes along to give me pause.

Image via Pink Wallpaper Design

 The kids would really love this.

Image via From the Right Bank



  1. There's so little yellow in my life but I have no idea why, it really is the happiest color around! And by the way, I DID cut my hair! I'll post it on the blog as soon as I get decent photos, but since you asked I just had to stop by and tell you. If you're still on the fence, let me just say that I could not be happier with my cut. I feel free and liberated and fun and young and wonderfully happy, and don't miss my long hair one bit. Well, maybe a little when I have to put it up... But I say go for it!


  2. Oh man, I just read this after spending 20 minutes of my (rare) free time curling my currently toooo long hair! I'm taking it as a sign... ;)