Recipe for Beautiful Skin

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My mother, God Bless her, has never had a single blemish in her life and in her mid-60's she has truly nary a wrinkle. Sadly, all three of her daughters didn't inherit her genes in the skin department and despite all of her well meaning advice over the years (keep your hands off your face, you'll break out! don't whistle, you'll get wrinkles!) we've had to really work at keeping up our complexions.

Now, don't get me wrong, Mom has spent pretty a penny on her skin care regimen and she does battle dry skin -- but she was just really blessed in the natural beauty department. Recently though, she visited a dermatologist in Houston who gave her the following recipe for perfect skin. I did some research, saw another dermatologist on my own, and started the regimen about a month ago. The results have been amazing. The whole texture of my skin has changed to where I am really noticing a difference - too great of a secret to not share it with you guys.

Recipe for Beautiful Skin  

Morning Regimen
1. Cleanser (I'm using CeraVe)
2. Exfoliate gently with Clarisonic Pro Brush*
3. MD Forte's Cream / Lotion I, II, or III
4. Kinerase C-8 Peptide
5. Skin Lightener (Hydroquinone 4%) - optional if you have age spots
6. Eye Treatment
7. Sunscreen EVERYDAY (I'm using Skin Medica moisturizer here with built in sunscreen)
8. Vitamin D3, 1000mg daily

Night Regimen
1. Cleanser (CeraVe)
2. Rein A, Renova, Tazorac, Ziana (Retinoids) - You need a PX for this
3. C-8 Peptide
4. Kinerese Night Repair
5. Skin Lightener (Hydroquinone) - optional if you have age spots
6. Eye treatment
7. Cetaphil Cream (I'm using the thickest one)

*Clarisonic = life changing (I've had mine a year and can't live without it).

It seems like a lot, I know. But for me the difference has been worth the time it took to track down the ingredients and the money spent on procuring them. 
Have a great week, fellow blog-land beauties!


  1. I will be 40 in a few months and I need ALL of the help that I can get... I am currently opposed to injections... This sounds perfect!
    Thanks for the information!

  2. If I can have skin like yours I will definitely try this regimen....thanks for the info!
    Ditto on the Clarisonic....I love mine too!

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! And I agree on the clarisonic, I'm absolutely in love with mine!