The Magic of Kids' Birthdays

As a distraction from the inevitable January blahs that creep up about this time of year, I'm pouring myself into planing Harper's (3rd!) Birthday, which is in February. Now, I have to admit I'm a bit fanatical about celebrating the kids' birthdays because, well, mainly I love the idea of showering them with tons of love in a lavish and magical way. I want them to feel really celebrated, you know? Like their being born is worth a major party. Because it was! And it is! And they are only little for so long. Before I know it they'll be wanting me to drop them off at the Abercrombie entrance of the mall with their friends and cash and the promise to wait for their txt to come get them when they've finished shopping and flirting (sigh.)

Also, the truth is that I really love the planning part of a good old fashioned party, since it panders to my obsessive and fixating nature and luckily for me, everyone around me has just grown to accept my eccentricities when it comes to the Kids' Birthdays. For example, tonight when I showed Brandon the 82 page book of the "cut and assemble" paper carousel I ordered for a centerpiece for Harper's upcoming Mary Poppins party he didn't even looked that surprised! And earlier this week when I asked my best friend Kelly how many umbrellas a night she thought I could actually hand paint with each child's monogram for the favors, she only paused briefly before optimistically answering "three." 

Don't worry, I'll be sure to update you with the party pics. In the meantime, here are a bunch of photos of parties past... 


  1. Who is that good looking redhead? Man, she knows hot to throw a party! Looking forward to H's 3rd!

  2. Oh my... These photos are awesome and I love seeing pictures of your family... Have a nice weekend.