Happy New Year!

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It's 2012! Can you believe it? Though I tend not to make a list of resolutions I do like to try to look back at the year before and also get a little mentally organized for the year ahead. Brandon and I usually put together a few ideas for where we'd like to put our discretionary spending, like trips we want to take or big purchases we want to make, that way we don't end up squandering all our extra dollars on  smocked clothing for Harper or tickets to Phineas and Ferb, the musical. (Okay, wait. We do a bit of that too.)

I'm excited about 2012 -- It's going to be a big year for us: a move, planning the next house, my sister's family permanently moving back to Austin, Brandon's parents finishing their home just 45 minutes away, two awesome trips in the works for spring break & summertime and the prospect of Brandon and I going away for a long weekend without the kids, which we've never ever done (I know, I know). I've also got some exciting things brewing with my writing work where I'm stepping things up a bit - should be an interesting balancing act ahead. 

And on another note, I'm leaving you with a few images from our Christmas break -- which was all sorts of cozy and magical and (mostly) heavenly.

I hope your year ahead is filled with light, love and joy!

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  1. oh my your kiddos are cute...
    happy new year friend!