Have a relaxing weekend

Image via the light in me.
I'd love to spend some time with a good book this weekend. Also, our dear friends the Browns are in town from Nashville so we plan on getting to catch up with them (Hooray!) Do you have anything lovely planed for your days off?

A few interesting things from around the web this week:

The best thing about this new travel site? The writing - excellent.

The unofficial JCrew blog (loving the new fall looks).

I have spent hours on this fascinating site.

Love this coffee cup cozy.

Audio light bulbs?

I want to try this lip balm.

My hubby found these great knockaround sunglasses.

Enjoy your weekend!


J.Crew chambray for half price?

I recently read a feature on Jenny Cooper, the creative director for Crewcuts over at (the amazing site) momfilter. Besides seeming like a super cool down to earth mom, Mrs. Cooper was sporting a rad washed chambray shirt that she got from the Crewcuts boys line. I did a little research and the boys shirt looks very similar the J.Crew women's version, but is half the price. What do you think? Oh, and I also saw that they have a boys version of their tuxedo shirt for waaaay less then the women's version.

Image via Momfilter.

Check out the Crewcuts version here: http://www.jcrew.com.


Color Crush: Navy + Green

This painting. Let's just say it's haunting me as of late. Image via http://www.coleprattgallery.com
Center stage in this tailored room: bold rug. Image via http://twoellie.blogspot.com/#
Such a fun and preppy combo. Image via twoellie.blogspot.com
One graphic wall can really make a statement. Image via livinglivelier.blogspot.com.
This is a fun into-the-fall look. Love those green suede flats.  Image via polyvore.com
Of course its Schumacher --would be fun with pom-pom fringe on pillows. Image via http://www.fschumacher.com.


Life Skills

Image via http://allthingsstylish.tumblr.com/

A big development in our family this summer has been Grant's mastery of the his bike without training wheels. It's been an exciting journey to watch him go from wobbling & falling to smooth sailing over the past few weeks -- there's just such a sheer joy on his face as he's cruising our neighborhood streets that I can't help but fall in love with the mechanics of riding a bike all over again as an adult.

The best was glimpsing Brandon's expression on our nightly bike ride yesterday - it was a look of astonishment that said "We just had this kid!" and also, "I can't believe this amazing thing called life." It's glances like those, mixed with the smell of the sweaty toddler in the bike carrier in front of me and the breezy balmy summer night that remind me that these are great days.


Vacation Recap: Watercolor, Florida

Our vacation was amazing and I'd love to share a few photos with you guys. I do wonder if blogging about your vacation is the equivalent of making other people look through your vacation photo albums (boring?!) If your looking for a little beachy wunderlust though, these pics might just transport you.

Every house in Watercolor is this amazing. really.

Harper and I spent lots of time building sand castles and turtles.

While the boys did this.

This grilled cheese trailer in Seaside was amazing. Brie & bacon on cranberry walnut bread? Yes, please.

You can see the ocean from the resort pool -- the best of both worlds.

 We did tons of biking, and Grant was so excited to be riding without training wheels this year.

We spent the night in NOLA - this was the next morning on the way to breakfast of beignets (we did some serious eating!)

Another glimpse of the area architecture. I think this was actually in Seaaside.

Our family with my sister's family. It's crazy to see how much the kids have grown since last year!

Sweet girls. I wish I could transport myself back there now ;)


On Vacation!

One of my fave pics of all time

Some pictures from our trip this time last summer! We can't wait!!! I'll be totally unplugging from as much as possible while on vacation, but I'll have fun updates when I return. Enjoy your week :)


Summer Road-Trip Play List

Ready for the 14 hour drive!

We are just 1.5 days away for leaving for Florida! I really don't think I could be any more ready for a vacation - with hubby out of two for work the past two weeks, the days have dragged on and on. Plus, the kids and I are ready for a little excitement. Not that the lazy p.j. to pool routine we've got isn't fun, its just getting to that part of the summer where we are running out of outings that we haven't already done and school still is a ways off (40 days, but who's counting?)

I'm going to spend tomorrow picking up some essentials for the fourteen hour car ride (don't worry, we'll stop half-way) and packing our bags. Just in time for our grand adventure, I've got this great little play-list to share with you that our whole family worked on for Austin Kidbits.There's nothing better then music that the whole family can jam out to!



Image via http://pinterest.com/

Who wouldn't love a bite of one of those?! What we've got there are bananas dipped in nutella and then rolled in various toppings (coconut, heath, pecans, ect.) and then FROZEN. So delish and, hey since there's fruit involved I'm thinking they are *almost kinda healthy!

Speaking of frozen bananas, we've got an airstream food trailer here in Austin called Bananarchy that serves frozen bananas (either a whole or half size) that you can have coated with a  variety of dips and toppings. It's kind of messy, but its crazy good.

I could seriously eat dessert for every meal! It's a problem, friends.


On creating

Harper working on a masterpiece
When was the last time you really got immersed into a project that you truly enjoyed creating? You know what I'm talking about, right? Like when you don't care if dinner got made or if the phone rang - you just have to keep working on the task at hand because it is bringing you so much joy.

One of the true pleasures of being a parent is getting to rediscover your own authenticity through the daily 'work' of your children. When the kids create, they do so with reckless abandon in way that I find so refreshing and inspiring.

Last night Grant worked for over an hour on an "album." We plugged in one of Daddy's electric guitar and that kid seriously rocked out on each and every one of the ten songs he composed. He started with song titles like "Sundown Sunday" and "Everything you know is really not true" and went from there to sing his little heart out with a passion and free-form that it was hard not to laugh with amazement. Brandon and I did secretly crack up in the other room, but in front of him we kept straight faces since he was taking it all so seriously and loving every minute of it.

Image via http://simpleblueprint.typepad.com/
One amazing thing about the internet is that we now have the ability to look up just about anything we can think of and instantly find instructions, images, and resources for helping us do something. If we want to wake up one morning a decide to try our hand at baking, gardening, painting, pottery, playing an instrument, flower arranging, ballet, ect. - we can find endless amounts of information on developing those hobbies.

I'm hoping to take some of the creative juices flowing through our house and channel them into some fun new endeavor this week - I'm not sure what yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Have a joyfull weekend!

Image via we heart it

It's Friday!!! I am so glad to see the end of the week - Brandon's been out of town for business since Tuesday and is coming home tonight! And although it's been a bit nice to keep the ice button on the freezer at "crushed" (B likes the cubed button) and I have greatly enjoyed wearing my favorite long, unflattering nightie - that's about the extent of the positives to his being gone -- we all miss him tons and the days have been so long without him.

This weekend we'll be swimming and grilling and getting ready for our Florida trip (we leave in one week!) Meanwhile, here are some fun finds from around the web...

A great stay-put summer find: lip stain.

Again this week, some super sweet kid's PJ's.

This whole site is great, check out this Horchow look-alike.

My sisters kids are loving this.

I'm loving these Newb's for back to school shoes for the little dude over at crewcuts.

French clothes for kids under $10? Yes please.

Fresh ideas for backyard play.

Beautiful collection of moments.

I am making this tomorrow with some farmer's market peaches.

Enjoy your weekend!


Into the Fall Maxi Dresses

Torry Burch Maxi at http://www.net-a-porter.com.

Striped Basic Maxi at Urban Outfitters

Fitted Top Maxi at Anthro 

Butterfly Caftan available next week (!) at EmersonMade

Great Fall Colors Maxi - at http://pinterest.com
I'm not giving up on my quest for the perfect maxi-dress. So far, the ones I've tried on look luscious on the hanger, but in the dressing room I talk myself out them. I truly love the look - and think it would be perfect for an outdoor party or dinner with friends and the vibe is so totally bohemian chic, which is my favorite of all vibes-- its just so much fabric that it really needs to lay right in order to work. It's fine line between carefree glamor and my mother's nightgown

Because I've dragged my feet on purchasing one and there's just about 7 weeks left of summer -- I'd love one that I can wear into the Fall. Since its still pretty hot here in Texas through October, I just need to find one whose colors can make the seasonal leap. The dresses above fit that bill.

Are you a maxi-dress wearer? Any other places I should scope out for the perfect fitting maxi?


DIY lighting

Image via apartment therepy

Image via apartment therepy

I was truly inspired by this DIY Sputnik chandelier over at apartment therapy. It's the ultimate Ikea hack -- turning an Ikea chandelier into to a more interesting version of itself. But more than this specific project, I love the idea of thinking outside of the box to create a cool lighting fixture.

When we were remodeling this house I was shocked at how much interesting lighting options cost -- and since a single fixture has the ability to create such a statement in a room, that I really wanted the lighting to be notable. 

Our kitchen lights
I've been really happy with our kitchen chandeliers which came from online company, gallery 84. I just sewed a little silk slip to fit up scrunched over the cord and I think it amped them up a bit. Plus, they were insanely inexpensive to begin with -- which was a huge bonus!

And how lovely is this paper paper chandelier from anthro - think it's possible to re-create it? The only thing holding me back is the whole paper-can-catch-fire thing.


8 years!

When my true life began.
Happiness is being married to your soul mate, everything else is just a bonus. I love you more than ever, B- Happy Anniversary!


Have a patriotic weekend!

Sweet cake! Tutorial found here.
Every year, I've been known to cry on the fourth of July. It's just that I love the holiday so much, what with the neighborhood parade and the watermelon eating and the insanely nostalgic patriotic tunes. It all seems so glorious that I can just. hardly. take. it. I really love sharing a sense of patriotism with our kids and being together with our little central Austin community. Plus, Brandon and I got married on the 5th of July, so the whole weekend feels like a magical time of reflection for us.

Do you have fun plans for the (long) weekend, friends? I'll be back next week with some updates- meanwhile here are some fun finds from around the web...

Top websites for women from Forbes.

Lovely tips for a mindful home.

Steamed eggs are easier to peel, apparently. Here's how.

So powerful - Dear 16 year old me.

This launched today. I may have already ordered a shirt.

The sweetest kids clothes at ridic. low sales prices.

An awesome way to spice up a small pantry.

This was recommended over at Simply Lovely - I am ordering it for the beach!


Enjoy your weekend!