Have a joyfull weekend!

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It's Friday!!! I am so glad to see the end of the week - Brandon's been out of town for business since Tuesday and is coming home tonight! And although it's been a bit nice to keep the ice button on the freezer at "crushed" (B likes the cubed button) and I have greatly enjoyed wearing my favorite long, unflattering nightie - that's about the extent of the positives to his being gone -- we all miss him tons and the days have been so long without him.

This weekend we'll be swimming and grilling and getting ready for our Florida trip (we leave in one week!) Meanwhile, here are some fun finds from around the web...

A great stay-put summer find: lip stain.

Again this week, some super sweet kid's PJ's.

This whole site is great, check out this Horchow look-alike.

My sisters kids are loving this.

I'm loving these Newb's for back to school shoes for the little dude over at crewcuts.

French clothes for kids under $10? Yes please.

Fresh ideas for backyard play.

Beautiful collection of moments.

I am making this tomorrow with some farmer's market peaches.

Enjoy your weekend!

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